Squishy Physics

Bringing physics to the public through discussion of the food preparation and cooking. Scientific topics such as gelation (jams and jelly), phase transitions (melting chocolate), freezing (ice cream!), emulsions (Hollandaise and other sauces), foams (meringue), and crystallization (confections)--all of which must occur in complex, multi-component, and variable temperature environments during the food preparation process--are presented by top chefs in an accessible, public-friendly, and often funny way. 

Attendance is free and open to the public of all ages, with attendees ranging from University Professors and their families to local chefs to interested citizens.  The event has filled the seat venue (~350) in all previous years.  In addition, all tickets are typically spoken for up to 2 weeks before the event. Please note when registration is open and get your ticket soon!

The next Squishy Physics is set for Saturday, March 4th, from 10AM to Noon. More details here: http://squishy.physics.gatech.edu/6th-squishy-physics-saturday